Boway is an intelligent machinery manufacturing factory integrating design and manufacturing
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Company Profile

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Jiangyin Boway Machinery Complete Equipment Co., Ltd locates at Jiangyin National Hi- tech Development Zone. Jiangyin lies in the geometric center of Yangtz River Delta region-- the most developed economy area of China, and Jiangyin has been on the Top 1 of Economy Top 100 counties for many years. There are Yangtz River Grand bridge and three highways in Jiangyin, which takes only 1.5 hours to get to 6 airports such as Shanghai Hongqiao, Nanjing Lukou airport, and takes 0.5 hour to Wuxi and Changzhou high-spped railway stations. Jiangyin Hi-tech Development Zone is on the East of Jiangyin city, and is the core area of Jiangyin development, covering 53 square kilometers at the joint of China's coastal regions and the Yangtze River, occupying a very important strategic position in more than 140 National Hi-tech zones and is the unique one which has the waterfront resources of the Yangtze River in the eastern coastal areas of China.


  Jiangyin Boway Machinery Complete Equipment Co., Ltd was founded in 2006 with 130 million register capital, focusing on high-tech mechanical productions covering paper-making industry, water treatment, special ship parts, module parts for metal industry, special pressure vessels mainly with stainless steel, while covering carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, duplex stainless steel and other special material.


  Boway is an intelligent machinery manufacturing company that integrates design and manufacturing,including: cutting workshop, machining workshop, welding workshop, assembly workshop, surface treatment workshop, production storage, and the first phase of 20,000㎡new workshop with intelligent network was in operation, the second phase of 15,000㎡ new workshop is under preparation for construction. there are several Rangtz wharves for heavy and huge cargos within 3 kilometers around the new factory.Boway has a complete manufacturing procedure from automatic material cutting, forming and welding, machining,sandblasting,painting and pre-assembly, to meet customers’ needs with maximum productivity.


  Based on the guiding ideology as “technology guides development, unity and hard work, insists on the quality, customer first”, Boway implements the ISO9001/ISO14001/45001 ,ASME, PED and other international certificates application following the plan, improves high-end, intelligent manufacturing with skilled welding, stable quality and efficient management, and provides products and service for well-known enterprises of Europe and the United States.


  Boway believes that talent is the core competitiveness of the company forever. Therefore, adhering to "Bridge us with Know-how " , Boway provides stages for all the personnel to show their capabilities and creates win-win situation for every single employee, and makes the suitable training courses and career development channel for the staffs, and provides a neat, spacious work environment for employees. Boway insists to grow and develop with employees together all the time.



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